BaleSkiis® 3rd Party Testing

3rd party testing

Effect of Bale Chamber Liner (BaleSkiis®) on Performance of Small Square Balers

Prepared for: L.D. AG Machinery L.L.C.
Eureka, Montana USA.


L.D. AG Machinery, L.L.C. (Eureka, Montana, USA) developed a liner (BaleSkiis®) to improve performance of square balers. The liner was designed to fit in the bale chamber of the baler. L.D. AG Machinery requested 3rd party testing to be conducted on the liner to determine its effect on power required, percentage of leaf loss, uniformity of bale length and knotter performance.

Test Parameters

  • The BaleSkiis® Baler Liners were extensively tested by the Alberta Farm Machinery Research Center near Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

  • The tests were executed using a singular 575 NH baler
  • The hay consisted of 60% orchard grass and 40% alfalfa; moisture content was approximately 15%.

  • Leaf Loss was collected.

  • The field measured ¼ mile long.

Test Procedures

  • The testing procedure involved installing the BaleSkiis liner and then running the baler up the length of the 1/4 mile field and back down again, covering a ½ mile of windrow.  We then removed the liner and repeated the same run, switching back and forth at each run.
  • The tests were done for (3) 12-hour days.
  • The bale chamber, including knotter area and under the baler, was wrapped in a tarp and then emptied. The contents were then weighed by the gram at the end of each run. The purpose of this was to measure the amount of leaf loss after each run.
  • Each bale was weighed and measured for length and recorded at each run.  Each bale was double checked by 2 people weighing and measuring each bale by hand. The tractor and baler were also hooked up to sensors and recorders.

results & discussions

Percentage of Leaf Loss

  • Leaf loss was significantly different. Less leaf loss occurred with the liner installed compared to tests without the liner.

Uniformity of Bale Length

  • Bale length uniformity was significantly different.
  • Bales formed with the liner installed were more uniform in length than those formed without the liner.

Knotter Performance

  • There were no incidents of broken bales or knotter problems with the liner installed.
  • Knotting problems resulting in broken bales occurred without the liner.


The results of the investigation suggest BaleSkiis® liners lessen leaf loss and maintain uniformity of bale length.
Prepared by: Ikechukwu Edeogu, Contract Engineer
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