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  • Jon Driver

    NE Washington, USA
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  • John Geil

    Virginia, USA
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BaleSkii Testimonials

"Saw how they worked from a local guy who had them in 2 balers. I wondered the first day if it was worth it. As I went along, could tell it would make an improvement. After one season I could see that it helps with all types of hay. Bale size is very consistent now with a lot of hay packed into them, they're very firm bales. Seemed too simple to work but they sure do. Before, we were always separating bales out and giving discounts on the small bales. This year there was very little difference in bale size. Makes me feel better when I take hay to a customer that every bale is the same. Can look them square in the eye and know you've given them good hay."
Richard Cook - Newport, ME
John Deere 327
"I like the uniformity of the bales and haying goes much faster. Even in very dry hay, I get good bales with 22% protein and 182 RFV."
Karl Yoder - Blanchard, MI
2-New Holland 320's
"Pleased beyond expectations. Would recommend to anyone. Excellent quality product and quality service. Gained considerably on protein and gained 100 lbs. on our bales. Tractor and baler runs much easier."
Paul McKie - North August, SC
Case IH 8575 Silage Special
"I purchased the baler new in 1997. I couldn't get over a 70 lb. bale even with 3 extra sets of wedges. The bale wagon wouldn't pick up a lot of them. I was having trouble with the knotters. I was ready to get rid of the baler until I installed the BaleSkiis. I removed 3 sets of wedges and reduced the hydraulic pressure by more than 100 lbs. I now get a good heavy bale with a lot less wear and tear on the equipment. The knotter problems went away. The neighbor put one in his old John Deere with the same results. If I ever purchase another baler (new or used) the first thing I would do is put in a BaleSkiis liner."
Bob Wolske - Shepherd, MT
Case/IH 8545
"Your quality and your product is first class. We purchased two sets of BaleSkiis from you about 7 years ago. Today, after all these years of continued use, they are as strong and in almost like-new condition. I must tell you, your product is just amazing, useful and lasting beyond expectations! It has given us consistency in bales and the increased yield just as you announce on your literature I wish all agriculture parts/accessories would be of your honest high quality."
Carlos Ossorio - Columbia, South America
John Deere 328
"Made a new baler out of my machine. Wouldn't have a baler without the BaleSkiis."
Kevin Peterson - Lyman, NE
Claas 1200
"I had my doubts when I ordered the set of BaleSkiis for my Massey Ferguson. I bought the baler 3 years ago and spent some winter days restoring it to field condition. I was beginning to think the thing would never produce consistent knots, much less consistent bales. I spent an afternoon in early spring installing the BaleSkiis and was still not expecting much. After 3 bales popped out the rear and the tension was adjusted to yield a reasonably dense bale, the old Model 12 pumped out 550 bales on 10 acres with only a single dropped knot (and that was at a twine ball changeover where I suspect my hand tied knot failed). I was used to stopping every 30 bales or so and clearing up some mysterious knotter problem. Needless to say, you've made a believer out of me. I guess this old MF12 will probably outlast me now. Congratulations on a great product!"
Dean Drennen - Bagdad, KY
Massey Ferguson 12
"We had a field of alfalfa that was extremely light and dry. We opted not to rake due to leaf loss. The neighbor baled along side me with his baler without the BaleSkiis, mine with them. My bales were perfect and uniform, 60% of his bales curled up. Not only were my bales better, my counter showed I had baled 2/3 of the field."
Hap Ramsey - Sterling, KS
John Deere 24T
"I was extremely skeptical and thought, “No add-on could transform an already good baler.” My baling season is over, approx. 5,000 bales, the BaleSkiis made my NH570 a GREAT piece of machinery. I had less baler problems the entire season than I usually had in one day."
Dwight Nyquist - Stanwood, WA
New Holland 570
"We put up wheat straw, alfalfa hay, grass hay, sudan grass and rice straw. After installing the BaleSkiis, our tractor and baler doesn't work as hard and we reduced our hydraulic tension pressure 70 lbs. and get very compact, uniform bales. Even in very abrasive and hard to bale rice straw we get good bales and the BaleSkiis show no wear."
Jerry Davis - Farlie Ranch Gridley, CA
New Holland 515
Happy Farmer

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