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Leland and Faye Driggs
Leland Driggs spent years “chasing ghosts” in his hay baler, he adjusted this, tightened that, cursed here, hollered there and never quite found the cause of the problems he was having. He solved one problem, only to have it replaced with others; he knew there was a simple solution, it was just a matter of finding it. One wintry day 25 years ago, Leland watched his young daughters X-country skiing across the family ranch and had an idea. Over the long cold Montana winter, he brainstormed, and head scratched. By the following summer, he had a gadget to try in his baler that was machined with the same pattern as his daughters’ skis. He spent that summer riding and observing his invention from the back of the family baler while his 16-year-old daughter drove the tractor. The BaleSkiis were born and they solved more problems all at once then Leland had been able to resolve in years of tinkering and fine tuning! The neighbors witnessed the results, wanted the same for their balers, and soon Leland was spending as much time fabricating BaleSkiis as he was running his cattle ranch. Since then thousands of BaleSkiis kits for hundreds of different makes and models of balers have been shipped all over the world.
Leland, along with his wife Faye and daughter Amy, continue to run their cattle ranch and the BaleSkiis manufacturing business from beautiful Eureka, MT. Leland still takes satisfaction in personally helping each customer with any questions they might have. He truly is a hands-on farmer helping to solve problems and saving you the time of chasing ghosts!
Our family has owned and operated the Quirk Cattle Company in Northwestern MT for over 130 years. The BaleSkiis product is a result of our personal experiences and challenges on the ranch. Watch this short video to see a brief history of the family and how the product was first invented and ultimately developed to become a thriving business in its own right.
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The Crew

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford
Leland and Faye Driggs

Leland & Fay Driggs

Amy Driggs

Amy Driggs

Sales, Marketing, Dealer Relations
Patch Hendrics

Patch Hendricks

Eastern Regional Sales Manager
Tim Ness

Tim Ness

Shop Foreman
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Elmer Miller